Matt Petitt

1616 Fieldthorn Drive, Reston VA, 20194

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I’m a UI dev and team lead based in Reston, Virginia. For the last seven years, I have helped companies in the DC area design, launch, and maintain modern user interfaces. My most recent work has focused on design systems, internal libraries, and web applications built with modern Javascript and React.

Lead Front-End Engineer
Cvent R&D

Javascript, React, Design Systems, UX, Code Reviews, Hiring, Accessibility I lead a UI development team within Cvent R&D, focusing on our internal design system, React component libraries, and new web applications. My team works closely with UX from early ideation and Framer X prototyping to maintenance and support for consuming product teams.

Lead Front-End Developer

Typscript, Fabric.js, Angular, Bootstrap, Kendo, Webpack, Java, Tapestry As the UI lead, I designed, developed, and launched our flagship web application suite in less than a year. Our product was Google Docs for enterprise ID cards. Our customers were manually editing and printing unique ID cards via a desktop app and attached printer. Our solution was a cloud-based printer and template management system with an in-browser WYSIWYG template designer and a mobile capture app. The web app and card designer are built with Angular/Typescript and the mobile capture app in React/Node/Express.

Lead UX/UI Developer

React, Redux, Angular, Bootstrap, SASS, Wordpress, PHP, Laravel As the sole UI developer, I developed and launched our marketing site, video-on-demand streaming application, and media CMS dashboard within six months. I lead the effort with our digital marketing firm to optimize our marketing funnel by setting up analytics, tag management, SEO, and A/B testing.

Senior Front-End Developer

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Node I worked on updating and redesigning the UI for three large web applications. Additionally, I worked with the marketing team to design and code mobile landing pages, build and optimize email campaigns, set up A/B tests, and create channel-specific landing pages for social media and SEM.

Front-End Developer
Hodgson Consulting

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, .NET, Ektron, Wordpress I built out and integrated responsive UI’s for CMS based web sites and web applications. Many customers were colleges and non-profits, who focused on accessibility and responsiveness.


Twitters 2nd Place prize at HackMIT for PartyGenius Cambridge, MA; Nov 2013
Y-Hack; New Haven, CT; Nov 2013


Javascript/ES6+, Typescript, React, Redux, Emotion, Jest, Git, VSCode, Sketch, Framer X, Figma, Invision, Jenkins, too much Slack